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Hey Students!

Cameron's Collection

A new collection of e-books to support mental health and wellness for teens.  Over 100 e-books are available on a variety of topics like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship troubles, and so much more!  Students can access the books in the privacy of their own homes, 24/7.

Click on the link:  Cameron's Collection   URL:

If you need a password:  schools

 *The Mental Health Association of Fauquier County (mhafc1) is a great resource during these uncertain times.  There is a tab at the top of their page for Special Resources Related to COVID-19.  The staff is working remotely and is still providing information and referral services.  You may also follow the Mental Health Association of Fauquier County on TWITTER @mhafc1. 

Organization & Time Management

Using a planner or an agenda is a great way to keep on track; not just for homework but for life's responsibilities and projects. 

Now is a great time to get yourself into an organization habit.  Your brain doesn't know right from wrong or bad from good.  It knows what you teach it. Teach it good habits.

Use the forms below to organize and plan your homework.

Page 1 is a blank month

  1. Write in the month and complete the year
  2. Add the dates on the small boxes
  • notice that Saturday and Sunday are one column
  • put both dates in the one box
    • ex. 7/8

Page 2 is a daily assignments page for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Print this on the back of the monthly calendar

Page 3 is a daily assignments page for Thursday and Friday.

  • Reference the number of weeks in the month
  • Print that number of page 3's
  • Print page 2 on the back of each page 3

Page 1, Blank Month

Page 2, daily assignments, M, T, W

Page 3, daily assignments, Th, F